Sunday, August 21, 2011

BEDA Day 21: Sloppy Firsts? More like, Super-Mega-Foxy-Awesome-Hot Firsts.

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I first heard about this book series by Megan McCafferty from Hayley's blog, back in 2009. It was just before Perfect Fifth's release so I devoured the entire series, and had my best friend's hooked as well, within weeks. It was love at first chapter, I swear. In no time at all my mother was sick of my ranting and raving about how amazing the writing was. But, mom! It really feels like the diary entry of a teenage girl! That's so cool! I have multiple distinct memories of being in public places, surrounded by friends, reading Charmed Thirds and laughing out loud.

The story is so much more than just a Girl In High School story, or a "coming of age" tale. It's relatable, yet beautifully unique. I'm sure everyone can find something familiar; I know that I can in my dread of school and hatred of the group of peers I've been left with. Of course, Marcus Flutie was easy to fall in love with, too. As a young girl, there's that definite appeal of the bad-boy type--and I've always had a thing for red heads. In the last few months of it still being cool, I decorated my Myspace profile with icons and quotes galore. Watching him grow up with Jess was wonderful. Even if at times it was hard to stomach their troubles, they both turned out all right in the end, and that gives me more hope than anything.

I would recommend this book to everyone. I talked to a shy, freshman girl from my math class last year about books and just knew I had to convince her to give it a read. Passing on this book is so exciting! I think that the life lessons Jessica learns are crucial, and learning them with her instead of on my own was way more fun.

Jessica is my angstier Rory Gilmore. I love her so much and I'm sure I always will; it's been amazing to have her around when i'm feeling generally pissed off at my high school and it's inhabitants. I've re-read the books every year since my discovery, and now as I enter my Junior year of high school I'm as excited to be able to have her with me as I finish this journey as I was to start it with her.

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  1. I've been wanting to read that series for awhile now, hopefully I'll get some time to actually leisure read when I get in the routine of school. lol