Saturday, August 6, 2011

A look into the diaries and notebooks of Cece.

So, I didn't blog yesterday, does anyone really care? I don't.

I was going through all my stacks upon stacks of binders and notebooks and folders and whatnot piled up around my bedroom, trying to take inventory and figure out what I need for another year of hell. What I found, of course, was unsurprising and entertaining. Lots of different notebooks of all different sizes filled with writing. Lists, random words/thoughts, paragraphs of nonsense, documentations of middle-school life around notes on the crusades and vocabulary words. It's a lot of fun to read through things like this, it's why i've always liked writing in a diary, and now blogging. I'm sure in a couple years having this around to read could be really awesome---you know, if I ever actually start writing about things.

I have these two small, blue notebooks that I absolutely love even though they're horribly embarrassing. The smallest one is from 6th grade. It's pages are covered in Harry Potter fanfiction (something I've stopped doing) and the lyrics of songs changed to be funnier for me and my friends (something I've done multiple times this week). It's hilarious and did I mention embarrassing? Oh God, the writing's bad. The other, larger, brighter blue notebook is one I just bought last year, so it's got the more recent ramblings. The first page is a picture of a toilet drawn by my friend and a couple quotes from AVPM surrounded by notes for NaNoWriMo and such. A lot of the notebook is nanowrimo writings and songs and other related things. This was what I carried around at school and where I wrote anything that came to me during the time I was in class, not learning.

I remember for my 6th birthday my mom got me a Little Mermaid diary. It was the cutest thing ever. I didn't really write in it for a few years. I mean, partially because I really didn't write much yet, and partially because I was busy playing and such. The first few pages are my mom listing some of my favourite things for me (We were on vacation at the beach, so, Young Cece Favourites, Beach Edition: 1. The water or sand 2. water slides 3. swimming 4. crab hunting. And then in my own large, messy, pink handwriting: Corn, Sloppy Joes, Candy. I'm pretty sure i've always loved food as much as I do now. Also, corn. Yeah. Cornchord 4 lyfe.) and she wrote about what I thought of my first day of school for me and adorable stuff like that. Then I practiced uppercase J's for a few pages, outlined my hand, drew a heart and a smiley face, and mentioned how good kissing bodyguard was and how much I like dresses. Ha, no, but I did just draw a bunch of shapes and practiced words and math and that kind of thing for a while...Oh sweet Jesus. I also went on to write little songs, poems, and plays when I was like, 9; ohhhh my God, I am crying from laughing so hard. This is all pretty embarrassing stuff. I think i've shared enough, though...

Nostalgia can be fun. I'm really glad that words exist.

The count:
About 20 notebooks, most about half-filled.
Five binders.
Seven folders.


    And LOL, I have a million of those little notebooks from when I was younger.

  2. My childhood notebooks are terrifying.
    I do NOT want to ever look through those again.