Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's the last official day of BEDA and yet I still say nothing and post a lot of pictures.

I shouldn't even be blogging now, but with all the work I have to do that's due on Monday, how could I resist putting it off even longer? That's the excuse i'm using for why I didn't blog the past two days, school work. Lots of it. It's the last month of school, I figure it's about time to put forth some real effort. And there goes my real effort into writing comments on friends' pictures and writing one line at a time in my story; which, around naps ranging from 10 to 45 minutes in length, has taken up my entire day.

The major assignment is for Biology and I have to do a sort of mock-interview with a Bacteria, a Protist, a Virus, a Fungi, and a Plant. I have to come up with 10 questions, of course 10 answers, and I have to film it. Well, I don't have to film it, but i'd really like to. That way I wouldn't have to get up in front of class to present, i'd just play the video. The only thing I will have to do either way is convince someone to help me out and play the various parts of interviewees. Something that's proving to be quite difficult.

That picture up there is of the dye that's still on my hands, they looked a lot brighter in different shades of colour yesterday and the day before, but it's all coming off quite quickly. Around my fingernails is the place I think it'll last the longest. It's from tie-dyeing in an art class i'm taking. Plastic gloves? Ha! I laugh in the face of plastic gloves. The metaphorical face of plastic gloves...yeah. I think it's prettier this way :)

I've got a pink bunny floating in my coffee now. It's amazing how fast boxes of Peeps can go when you can put them in your coffee and have an easily manipulated mother who's only two big brown eyes away from feeding one or two to the dog.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today was a beautiful, amazing, spectacular day. (No, that's not sarcasm you detect.)

You know why? Oh, come on, you know why! The new Harry Potter trailer came out!!! Harry Potter and it's fandom just puts me in such a good mood, there are no words. Well, I guess there are some.

My day was genuinely good, but the real excitement kicked in around 5 in the evening when I paused the movie I was watching (Suburban Girl with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alec Baldwin. It was's still on pause) to watch a video someone posted on Tumblr. It was one of those overall Harry Potter videos set to a sad, completely fitting song that makes you want to cry. And, oh boy, did I cry. I was balling my eyes out by 20 seconds into the video and continued to do so in my bed even after the 4 and a half minutes were up. It was such a beautiful video, and I haven't really cried in a long time, and I love Harry Potter so much...I just couldn't help myself. My mom calls up to make sure i'm OK and I explain that i'm just being emotional over HP again and i'll probably be down again in an hour.

Wrong. I didn't go back downstairs for another two hours when my laptop was practically screaming for it's charger and I was literally screaming about everything else. It was after that moment I talked to my mom, while I was casually scrolling through my dashboard, when I say the words "OMFG THAT TRAILER" above a bunch of Harry Potter gifs i'd never seen before...

Now, I'm not good at math by any means, but I can definitely add two and two together and know that the answer means it's time to flip a shit. (FOR POSSIBLY ONE OF THE LAST TIMES OMG I'M STILL NOT OK ASKHFDSJKHGFDJKH.) I searched and flailed until I found it and said flailing couldn't be stopped until maybe 10 minutes ago. It was originally in French, but I couldn't've cared less, though of course brilliant people have now found and released the English version as well.

I don't know how many times i've watched it tonight, but...I just can't get over this whole fandom. I'm always in love with Harry Potter and everyone who loves it/him, but there are these times when I just get these happy butterflies in my chest and I just know they're your fault, you bitches. <3

I'm gonna go finish writing in the margins of my vocabulary book how each of the words relate to HP in an exercise to help memorize them and hopefully get a few more laughs out of myself.

Yay it's almost May! I'm excited for so many reasons!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Huckleberry Finn and friends

I was in the middle of not procrastinating and actually doing what I should be for school tomorrow, when I realized, why the heck was I doing that? I need to write a blog post. Just need to. Right now. SO, instead of procrastinating from doing this any longer, i'll put off doing homework. Wah-hoo!

I'm reading Adeventures of Huckleberry Finn right now for English. We've just started it so I only have to read up to chapter 6, and seeing as that's page 17, and i'm on page 3, it shouldn't be that difficult to get through. The only problem is that i'd like to read the Sparknotes also. That's right, also. I'm livid with my English teacher and the only way I can really stick it to him is by aceing everything. Right? See. I'm a total badass.

On page 2 Huck says, "All I wanted was to go somewheres; all I wanted was a change, I warn't particular." Boy, do I relate, man. I mean, he was referring to hell--'the bad place'--but I'd ecstatically settle for a new school. A new state'd be awesome. A new country would blow my mind. I'm just really feeling a change. Maybe a not a big one, yet...but changes would be good. I should make pro-con lists!

Or, you know, a different kind of list.

Name: Cecilia, Cece, Celia, i'll occasionally answer to "Hey you!" under the circumstances.

Favorite Fandom: Harry Potter! Doctor Who's a close second.

Favorite Ship: ...Hermione/Ron. Rose/Nine & Ten. Jim/Pam. I could literally go on and on. They're all my favourite!

Favorite Color: Orange.

Favorite Movie: Easy A, as of right now. Blades of Glory. Inception. I have a lot of favourites.

Where you live: Ohio.

Favorite Book: I'm re-reading the Jessica Darling series and I LOVE it. So, that and Harry Potter. I recently bought Twenty Boy Summer, too, that was really good and made me cry.

Clothing Store: Um...I have no idea. Most clothes recently have been bought online or in a thrift store. I do like some American Eagle cute things.

Favorite Band: Flight of the Conchords and Mindless Self Indulgence.

Favorite Artist: Is it lame to same Van Gogh or Monet? I went to an online famous artists gallery and the pictures I liked the most were by them.

Favorite Food: Chipotle and basically anything mexican or fake mexican.

Favorite T.V. Show: Doctor Who, Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls.

If you're reading this, leave a comment and answer the questions, too! I found it as a 'let's make friends' sort of thing, so, let's make friends. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Science says I need this continuation for my sanity.

The article within the article I read about in that medical magazine in the doctor's office that I never actually got to yesterday because I was too distracted by Taylor Swift, was titled: Write On! Why Putting Pen To Paper Is Good For You. This caught my eye immediately, so, good job writer Louise Chang. Surrounded by reminiscent T-Swift quotes referring to her childhood and how writing songs about her emotions has gotten her through so much, Louise Chang goes on to discuss scientific studies that have proven journaling is beneficial to your health. While the jury is still out on science, I have to believe this is true.

Chang says that everyone has "traumatic experiences" and organizing your thoughts on them will help you physically and mentally. While I like to ignore my whole, big, completely insignificant mess that has been my entire 2011 up to this point, perhaps I should be talking about it more. The thought has come to me, but even my diary/journal/whatever seems like too embarrassing of a place now that i'm not 12 anymore.

I mean, in those days (elementary through all of middle school) I filled, like, four entire diary/journal/whatevers with my rantings and ramblings. This did help some then, but taking into account that (even if only slightly...) I should be more mature and emotionally stable now, writing to "process my emotions" should only help more now, right?

The short article went on to say that this method is especially recommended for people under a lot of stress, suffering from trauma, and/or having trouble sleeping. Well, it worked for the fictional Jessica Darling...With the help of a sexy red head, of course.

I think I do want to write narcissistically more often again (I mean, private narcissistic myself...about myself. Instead of this thing I do every day.) but I also attempted to do a 365 day picture project that went downhill after barely a month.

Anyone reading this doing BEDA feel better after blogging so much?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Popular topic I recently discovered proof of for myself.

I've always liked Seventeen magazine. To me, it seemed like one of the only magazines that didn't get too crazy about appearance and come off all judgemental and...mean. But the March issue I just got (I had unsubscribed, but recently resubscribed because of a sweet deal) blares the headline: GET NATURALLY PRETTY! Silky Hair And Flawless Skin With Zero Effort! Now, this is annoying because each word is capitalized and that's just unnecessary. Also, excuse me? My skin isn't flawless, but I'm still pretty--actually, naturally pretty, thank you very much.

Ways To Look Cute NOW! Spring Must-Haves! I totally look cute in my sweats and t-shirt. I don't need you dictating what is cute and what isn't, Seventeen magazine. I have no desire to buy anything you tell me I must-have. The May issue, however, exclaims that it knows the ways to GET PRETTY FOR SUMMER! Pft. Right beside, LOOK HOT IN A BIKINI Get Flat Abs and A Cute Butt Now! They're all about NOW, aren't they? Flat abs and a cute butt? Is that how you look attractive? That's ridiculous. The cover girl of this issue is Emma Roberts and the headline beneath her name is "The Flirting Trick That Gets The Best Guys" though that exact trick is never actually stated (yeah, I looked. I'm paying for it :-p) I some how don't think it gets her the best guys. But... I guess she might.

I don't know if Seventeen got really shallow in the past year or so, or if I changed somehow. Like, they've always been this...girly teen magazine, I just never noticed completely. I mean, there wasn't anything that bad on the April issue, so, who knows.

I do have to say some articles on the inside still hold my interest in a shallow sort of way.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm a boyfriend-stealing whore with a good feeling.

I wake up, as happy as a seven year old in a private, Catholic school surrounded by judgemental, hypocritical, heinous people of all ages can be. I'm reminded it's a dress down day! I don't have to put on the ugly uniform! I'm more excited than ever as I get dressed in tiny, hipless jeans and happily add the accessory that proves i've always been stylish: One of those beaded fishnet-ish looking waist wrap tie things. I loved it, and I wore it because I was awesome. I get to school --and after a blank in my memory--I go to the computer lab with my class (which must have been first thing in the morning) and immediately get attacked by a mini-real housewife. "You look like a whore!" She exclaims in a whisper, dirty blonde hair straight as a pin. "Are you trying to steal my boyfriend? You are, aren't you!?" Bitchily Corridor (unclever play on her name--I can't say it! I mean, what if she finds this blog! Could you IMAGINE the horror? Is my SARCASM thick, enough? It's hard to tell online. I'm obnoxious.) continues, taking in my "Shakira"-esque wrap. After that I can't remember a thing other than her storming away in a huff. I don't remember how I reacted. I know I didn't take it off, so I must've just laughed or been utterly confused. I'm still confused. What the hell? I mean, yes, I did have a small, second grad crush on the guy who she talked to in class and who gave her a teddy bear on Valentine's Day--her "boyfriend"--but how would I plan on stealing him away with my use of accessories? Mm, that school was a crazy experience.

I wore that wrap again today, though, which is why this lovely memory came back to me. It was actually someone at school today that called me Shakira because of the piece...I guess it could look something like she'd wear. At least I always wear pants underneath! He didn't mean it as an insult, though. I think he likes Shakira! I actually spent a while looking at pictures of her to see if I could find one of her in something similar, but I couldn't. I didn't want to show one that kind of resembled it, but was sluttier. It isn't a slutty waist wrap! I wouldn't want anyone here to get the wrong idea.

Today has been a really good day. I'm not exactly sure why; it just has a good feel to it.