Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Science says I need this continuation for my sanity.

The article within the article I read about in that medical magazine in the doctor's office that I never actually got to yesterday because I was too distracted by Taylor Swift, was titled: Write On! Why Putting Pen To Paper Is Good For You. This caught my eye immediately, so, good job writer Louise Chang. Surrounded by reminiscent T-Swift quotes referring to her childhood and how writing songs about her emotions has gotten her through so much, Louise Chang goes on to discuss scientific studies that have proven journaling is beneficial to your health. While the jury is still out on science, I have to believe this is true.

Chang says that everyone has "traumatic experiences" and organizing your thoughts on them will help you physically and mentally. While I like to ignore my whole, big, completely insignificant mess that has been my entire 2011 up to this point, perhaps I should be talking about it more. The thought has come to me, but even my diary/journal/whatever seems like too embarrassing of a place now that i'm not 12 anymore.

I mean, in those days (elementary through all of middle school) I filled, like, four entire diary/journal/whatevers with my rantings and ramblings. This did help some then, but taking into account that (even if only slightly...) I should be more mature and emotionally stable now, writing to "process my emotions" should only help more now, right?

The short article went on to say that this method is especially recommended for people under a lot of stress, suffering from trauma, and/or having trouble sleeping. Well, it worked for the fictional Jessica Darling...With the help of a sexy red head, of course.

I think I do want to write narcissistically more often again (I mean, private narcissistic stuff...to myself...about myself. Instead of this thing I do every day.) but I also attempted to do a 365 day picture project that went downhill after barely a month.

Anyone reading this doing BEDA feel better after blogging so much?

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