Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's the last official day of BEDA and yet I still say nothing and post a lot of pictures.

I shouldn't even be blogging now, but with all the work I have to do that's due on Monday, how could I resist putting it off even longer? That's the excuse i'm using for why I didn't blog the past two days, school work. Lots of it. It's the last month of school, I figure it's about time to put forth some real effort. And there goes my real effort into writing comments on friends' pictures and writing one line at a time in my story; which, around naps ranging from 10 to 45 minutes in length, has taken up my entire day.

The major assignment is for Biology and I have to do a sort of mock-interview with a Bacteria, a Protist, a Virus, a Fungi, and a Plant. I have to come up with 10 questions, of course 10 answers, and I have to film it. Well, I don't have to film it, but i'd really like to. That way I wouldn't have to get up in front of class to present, i'd just play the video. The only thing I will have to do either way is convince someone to help me out and play the various parts of interviewees. Something that's proving to be quite difficult.

That picture up there is of the dye that's still on my hands, they looked a lot brighter in different shades of colour yesterday and the day before, but it's all coming off quite quickly. Around my fingernails is the place I think it'll last the longest. It's from tie-dyeing in an art class i'm taking. Plastic gloves? Ha! I laugh in the face of plastic gloves. The metaphorical face of plastic gloves...yeah. I think it's prettier this way :)

I've got a pink bunny floating in my coffee now. It's amazing how fast boxes of Peeps can go when you can put them in your coffee and have an easily manipulated mother who's only two big brown eyes away from feeding one or two to the dog.


  1. That Biology project sounds cool!! And so does tie-dying in Art class!! In my Art class, all we do is draw still lifes. It gets pretty boring after a while.
    Thanks for your super awesome comment!!

  2. I wish I had still biology :( sound pretty cool! should we follow eachother? xx