Sunday, April 17, 2011

Popular topic I recently discovered proof of for myself.

I've always liked Seventeen magazine. To me, it seemed like one of the only magazines that didn't get too crazy about appearance and come off all judgemental and...mean. But the March issue I just got (I had unsubscribed, but recently resubscribed because of a sweet deal) blares the headline: GET NATURALLY PRETTY! Silky Hair And Flawless Skin With Zero Effort! Now, this is annoying because each word is capitalized and that's just unnecessary. Also, excuse me? My skin isn't flawless, but I'm still pretty--actually, naturally pretty, thank you very much.

Ways To Look Cute NOW! Spring Must-Haves! I totally look cute in my sweats and t-shirt. I don't need you dictating what is cute and what isn't, Seventeen magazine. I have no desire to buy anything you tell me I must-have. The May issue, however, exclaims that it knows the ways to GET PRETTY FOR SUMMER! Pft. Right beside, LOOK HOT IN A BIKINI Get Flat Abs and A Cute Butt Now! They're all about NOW, aren't they? Flat abs and a cute butt? Is that how you look attractive? That's ridiculous. The cover girl of this issue is Emma Roberts and the headline beneath her name is "The Flirting Trick That Gets The Best Guys" though that exact trick is never actually stated (yeah, I looked. I'm paying for it :-p) I some how don't think it gets her the best guys. But... I guess she might.

I don't know if Seventeen got really shallow in the past year or so, or if I changed somehow. Like, they've always been this...girly teen magazine, I just never noticed completely. I mean, there wasn't anything that bad on the April issue, so, who knows.

I do have to say some articles on the inside still hold my interest in a shallow sort of way.


  1. hahaha i understand. it's like a love-hate relationship. i've kinda grow past my seventeen magazine phase. I use to love it, but recently i've been noticing how there is a lot of talk about what there going to tell you, but then never actually say what you're waiting for.

  2. I think it's maybe both. Maybe you've changed AND the magazine changed. I use to love it, and now... I really don't. I never read it. For some reason, they still come to my house even though I don't subscribe anymore. It's pretty ridiculous. I like the stories in the back... the embarrassing ones and such, but that's about it. And I hate false headlines. This is my fav: 877 WAYS TO LOOK PRETTY FOR SPRING!!!

    Um really? 877? Did you just count every sentence? Because I think you did, Seventeen Magazine. I think you did.