Thursday, August 18, 2011

BEDA Day 18: I'm a piece of bread! Stick me in a toaster!

I've just stopped myself from doing something I could potentially be embarrassed about for the rest of my life and remembered to blog before falling asleep! Go me!

I started watching Weeds today and I kind of love it so far. In one of the episodes, though, Toast, from the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie Sweet 16 edition, made an appearance. So, of course, I came upstairs to go to bed and popped in my good, old VHS, Getting There. Toast has so many good lines that I am going to use. I quoted this movie before I ever actually quoted movies. My best friend's best friend from growing up's nickname was actually Toast. Like, before I knew them, this movie was a connection for us and I think that's cool. When I first met them and they all called her Toast and we all realized we were all not only white, young girls growing up in the early 21st century, we also all watched Mary Kate and Ashley movies?! Total bonding moment. There are a lot of similarities between Toast and her, though I see a lot between Toast and me, too.

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I spent Monday night with the same group in said best friend's backyard around a fire, roasting marshmellows, making what they call "doughboys", eating four cardboard pizzas, and generally laughing off all the calories from the food, but i'm paying for all that fun now. Even though I sprayed copious amounts of big spray, I have literally got 23 mosquito bites; I counted. They're all ginormous now because I have poor self-control. I look like I have the plague. And I know what that looks like! I watched a very long, awesome History Channel documentary about the Middle Ages on Netflix last night!

Oh! And a few minutes ago, just slightly after stopping myself from being stupid, I was hit with another wave of Post Potter Depression while reminiscing about everything and the future.

It's my last week of SuMmEr 2o11 beeyotches!!!!!!!!!! party.

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