Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I was too in doubt and went to the right place, Laney. She told me to write about chickens and here we are. About to travel down the path of chickens together. (That word always looks weird to me, like ugly and misspelled.)

Chickens, or as Wikipedia calls them gallus gallus domesticus, are awesome and delicious. I really like cold chicken leftovers from KFC with bar-be-que sauce. Actually, any sort of chicken with bar-be-que sauce is my favourite. Chickens are pretty cool living too, though! Which is an accomplishment for them. They're a sub-species of Red Junglefowl which could possibly make a good band name.

Apparently they were first domesticated for cockfighting and not for egg and meat producing. That's interesting, and Wikipedia has never been wrong before. People have always had their priorities straight then, haven't they? Huh, here I thought it was just us. Go cockfighting! Or something...I think...What's cockfighting?

The thing on top of a Rooster's head is called a comb?! That's funny. I like that.

This is cute, right?:
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I think it is. He's just wild, in his environment, wonderin' the grass and such. Adorable! Look at his eyes! I mean, there's no way I could beat Laney's penguin waddle gif, so I can't even try. This is cute.

Ooh, there's a Murray McMurray Hatchery! Hatchery is a great word, so hatchery's are probably a good place, right? It's a Headquarters! That's an important word! AND IN IOWA! Aren't I-States the best?! I think I've heard that somewhere. Let's road trip to Murry McMurrays!

Chickens are good.


  1. random flashback: i remember my mom talking about this one time when an old man (either some relative or family friend…idk, the point is, he was way older than her) hit on her. And how did he do this? He invited her to a cockfight.

    yea. creepy. IDK IDK

  2. This is the best thing you've ever written about in a blog post.