Monday, September 5, 2011

Damn, I know how to party.

So, spending my entire night last night marathoning Season 2 of Skins in it's entirity was definitely not my healthiest decision. I drank three cans of cherry coke, cried twice (once because of the show and once because the early morning grey sky outside was just. so. beautiful.), ate half a pizza, and passed out around 10 in the morning. Obviously this is what any normal 16-year-old would do when they get the house to themselves for the weekend.

But mom's home now, and the whole 8 or 9 hours that I've been awake today have been pretty good. Chipotle, Doctor Who, Documentaries on Netflix, and a Middle Eastern carnival. My friend Lena, who moved away in middle school, came back to town tonight for this shindig and even though it ended two hours after she got here, of course I went to see her. She's great and the chilly weather was refreshing and even downright maginificent after spending nearly the whole time there in the Dancing Tent. Middle Eastern music and dancing and I jumped right in. Some dances were more difficult to get into than others, but it was so fun! It definitely burned some calories and therefore I don't have to feel a bit bad about eating so much crap this weekend (although it's not like I would have anyway). Lena acted as a translater whenever they said something that made every laugh or shout. Apparently at one point the man with the microphone made a shout-out to the people over seas protesting, and she says this was a very controversial move. All of the Arabic people I know are in huge favour of it, but I guess most in this area think it's stupid. So, that was new information.

Of course there were obnoxious people from my school there, but there's really nothing else to do in this town, so...I wasn't surprised. What did surprise me, however, was that two girls from our class ran up to Lena to hug her and chat or whatever; their little freshman boifrand-thang and I just kind of stood around for the 30 seconds it took them each to smile and say "Oh mi god!" three times. Then they stopped talking and turned away like they were confused about where they were. "Ha! That was weird..." I said as we walked away, both wearing the same puzzled expression.

"I know, I never even talked to them when I went here..." We just laughed and went to go ogle the Deep Fried Oreos curiously. I went on a couple rides with her and her little sister and as usual there was that weirdness with the person running the ride. You've got that internal debate going on the whole time. Are they a legitimate creeper? Or are they just someone who likes to talk a lot and doesn't have many people to talk to and doesn't realize they're coming off as creepy? I always try to be nice and polite...but there's got to be a line drawn.

I have a lot going on this week and I'm really feeling the love from that Chest Elephant of Stress. Anyone know how to Chemistry?


  1. Fried Oreos. I have yet to have one. I hear I'm missing out big time. I think I am.

    Middle Eastern Carnival? That sounds exciting. I haven't been to anything cool like that! The only thing I did was go to a normal fair and a man gave me a dirty look because I desperately needed to wash my hands so I used his soap and water but I don't think I was allowed and so I was scared.

    And creepy carnies are so weird.

    Chemistry! Don't remind me of all the crap I have to do today :( Bleghkdfl