Monday, April 29, 2013

Boulevard of Broken Pants

I have SO many half-finished posts, reviews, rants, lists. They're just sitting around, sad and incomplete, but I'm afraid they'll have to stay that way for now. The more meaningful and thought-provoking posts will have to wait, cause I just don't have any energy to spare. (Just a quick heads up: I did not re-read this before publishing, so you've been warned.)

Instead, I'll share a lovely anecdote from my day today, a little blip on what otherwise was a coffee-filled day of accomplishing things:

I have an hour in between my first college class and my second and I've taken to spending it in the library/computer center. I go straight from my Lit. class to a computer and I run into a problem. I normally have a coffee with me, whether I bought it or brought it from home, or a bottle of water or some kind of beverage because I'm a human being and I like to have something to drink. Only there's a problem because I don't want to take my open coffee into the bathroom with me but I don't want to leave my stuff unattended in the student center. I'm not paranoid or anything, it just feels weird to me on both spectrums. So, I normally tend to just...hold it for half an hour or so. This study break has become more of a youtube break, since this is the time I usually catch up on Rosi and Zefrank and Lex's videos (somehow I've formed a pattern, DailyGrace/music videos during my HS computer class, really brilliant and insightful videos during my break). Around 1:30, I walk across campus to my Sociology class and drop off my books and beverage at my seat and then go to the bathroom. I don't know why I feel more comfortable leaving my stuff unattended in this classroom, but it's probably just sheer size. I have maybe 35 people in my class? As opposed to how many people can fit in a freaking library/computer lab/student center thang. I'm not worried about anything happening in particular. The only thing that really slightly worries me is the kid who sits next to me every class wears weird hats and is constantly muttering to himself while on his (vibrating) phone.*

This is a fairly normal schedule for me. (I don't have a lot of routine in my life---I actually have basically none at all. Other than this regular little bit I've formed for myself this semester. Indulge me.) Except today, when I went to the bathroom, my zipper decided to break. I still feel a little betrayed and broken, like my jeans but it doesn't help that I BLISTERED MY FINGER TRYING TO FIX IT. I spent a solid 10 minutes pressed up against the stall wall in the LEAST sexy way possible. It was so frustrating and annoying and I actually broke out into a little bit of a sweat. I couldn't help a few groans of irritation that slipped out. It sounded weird from where I was, so I can only imagine how it sounded to my fellow bathroomers. Sorry, guys. In the end, I tugged them up as high on my waist as they'd go, pulled my shirt as low as it'd fall, and that was that for the next hour and a half.

I guess I have to find a way to fix these pants? I just bought these jerks. I don't want to jean shop again for as long as I can possibly avoid it.

2. Why even bother coming to class if you spend the entire time on your phone anyway? I don't get it. Take notes or take off. ('s late, I tried...A little. I tried a little.)

Days left of high school: 17

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