Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BEDA and TVD---Let's Talk About Sex...y Jawlines

Might as well play off my lack of posting yesterday as part of the BEDA tradition with me, yeah? It totally wasn't because, while I had time to post, I just...didn't. The month-realization hit me in the morning, but by evening I'd forgotten again. Instead, I just spent all night...
watching Vampire Diaries.*

This show is a rabbit hole. It all started last Wednesday night. I saw a gif of Paul Wesley's jaw on Tumblr and...I needed more. It started slowly, 5 minutes of the first episode, then I turned it off...Only to go right back. I put far too much effort into playing the next two episodes on my crappy computer before cuddling up in bed and falling asleep to it. Now I'm nearly halfway through the third season. That first picture was the gateway gif. The first inhale of marijuana and now suddenly I'm snorting crack; All day, every day. Basically, the second half of my spring break was entirely spent in my living room, watching this show with my mom and shoving unbelievable amounts of junk food into my mouth. (I made cookies that I barely even remember because I ate them so fast.)

I'm surprised with how much I seriously like this show. I don't know why I'm surprised, but I am. I remember watching the dumpster/fire scene from the first season back when it was first on TV, but I had no interest and just never looked back. I saw stuff about it all over the internet and even though I resisted, somewhere deep down I knew that eventually I would fall into this shows grasp just like I did with Heroes and LOST. I really, really like TV shows.

TVD is really well-timed, which something I've picked up on specifically. The music is always good, too. The characters are deep and even though there are crazy connections out the wazoo, it seems to be well-thought out. I'm only at the start of season 3, but I don't have a lot to complain about at all. Other than the total lack of Bonnie-worship, of course. She should literally be queen of everything.

All of this Klaus business with the vampires and werewolves and witches to keep straight, my mom literally just shouted that her head is going to explode.

It's all good, though.

Except for the fact that Netflix only has through the third season. Therefore, the end of this means either some serious withdrawals before they add the fourth season or I have to put in all the effort that goes along with trying to do anything on this computer that involves watching video. This shitty laptop that I often feel like throwing against the wall might just be my social life's saving grace!

But seriously. Look at this beautiful, giant headed man of pure sex and beauty:

Plus, he's a part of this gorgeous marriage:

I basically want them and their sexy jaws to be together forever. 

ALSO CLAIRE HOLT! I loved her as a mermaid and now she's a boss vampire. Cool.

*AKA: Muscular Men in Tight T-Shirts

Yay BEDA 2013!
Days left of high school: 36

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  1. It wasn't until halfway through this I realized you weren't talking about True Blood. I have to get my shows straight. I think I watched the first episode of this. But it was a while ago. Like back in high school? Ugh my life is zooming. I'm so old. Like decrepit. I haven't even found myself yet! I'm on my way to my deathbed practically and I haven't even moved out of Ohio yet. GAHHHHHHHH

    *cough cough* Sorry. Not the time or place. Anyway. You're right. He has a really nice jaw. Like REALLY nice. Maybe I should watch this now. Just for the jaw.