Friday, April 26, 2013


Last night's concert was the best ever, ever, ever. Ed's set was perfectly organized, if only too short; Taylor was gorgeous and sweet and on it the whole night. I didn't sit down the entire show, I actually never even made it to my designated seat...

First things first, my mom took me to Walgreens where I bought glitter tattoos, a plain white t-shirt, a huge-ass 4th of July decorative bow, battery-powered lights, and a new red lipstick. I straightened my hair, did my makeup, put on my dress, and wrapped myself in flashing lights. It almost felt like practice for prom? (With the exception of the half hour where a panic attack was a legitimate fear, it was fun! My mom and I had gotten coffee, and while I ordered a large and she ordered an extra large, they mixed them up so I guess I had too much dairy and my throat got really tight and my chest was constricted and I literally felt like I was going to puke and pass out for a little while. Which was awful. I sat on my bathroom floor with a cold compress and a popsicle just trying to breathe for a good chunk of time, which makes the fact that I still looked so good all the more impressive. Boom.) With a playlist queued up on Spotify, and a fistful of bobby pins, I finished attaching the bow meant for a tree to my head and headed out.

My friend Tara and I got to the show exactly as the first act was leaving and Ed was about to go on. In a rush, we found our row and just sat in the first open seats we found without actually checking the seat numbers...Which was fine for the duration of Give Me Love but then the family showed up and we had to embarrassingly excuse ourselves. A few rows lower were two people from my school, sitting on the end of the aisle. We placed ourselves right there in the aisle, which lasted us for the rest of Ed's set. It was really fun because Tara didn't know Ed, but my other friend did, so the screaming and dancing was the perfect way to start off the show. When he was finished, Tara went to investigate why some people were getting fold out chairs on the platform in the section lower than us...and came back to tell us she'd scored us lower seats, too. Tara talked to security and guest services and got us four seats in the section beneath us! (WAHT?!?!!!!) The thing is, I wasn't even surprised. I've known Tara for basically my entire life and this has always been how it is with her. Besides being a wonderful friend, she's extremely handy.

What was really surprising was how much better the view was from our new spot was. We had been in the top section of the arena, a few rows from the back wall--the definition of nosebleeds--so going from row 13 to row 2 was awesome. Especially for standing and dancing without being afraid for my life. Row 13 is HIGH and so seemingly steep it was terrifying. Even in row 2 I nearly fell into the people in front of me a few times...The colorful bruise decorating my shin like a trophy for Out-of-Control Dancing can attest to that fact.

The music between acts was so good, everything was great. Then Taylor came out and I lost my shit. More than once I danced the bow right out of my hair. How could I not with things like:

The dubstep breakdown in Trouble. THE DUBSTEP BREAKDOWN. God, I love that song. The costumes, the choreography, the masquerade theme (with a Hogwarts backdrop, don't even try and tell me the fancy window behind her doesn't look straight out of the castle).

Mean's merry-go-round backround and banjo combination was so fun and cute and infectious. Have I mentioned how well Taylor has perfected the sassy-eyed looks? 'Cause shit, gurl. Not one of the 50,000 people in that audience thought she couldn't sing, and she knew it.

22!!! Moving to the B-stage in the middle, she ended the song on the circular platform surrounded by dancers in like a gangster dance-off setting? Cool.

Then she started talking about a mother/daughter she met at the meet and greet and as soon as the words were out of her mouth I knew I would cry. "Wow. This beautiful bitch. I am going to cry," I declared. And so I did. I'm pretty positive a time won't come when I don't cry at The Best Day. Any song that hits so close to home when it comes to my relationship with my mom and I'm done. Believe it or not, I'd already cried twice to that song that day. (How could you not believe that, though? I have way too many feelings.)

I sang All Too Well until I actually felt my stomach ache. It was perfect.

I wasn't expecting Love Story, and while I normally refer it to it as my least favourite song, it's hard not to love every single thing that happens live in that kind of environment.

For the finale, Never Getting Back Together's set had an Alice in Wonderland feeling, but also a circus? Which was super cool because Tay looked like a combo ring leader/mad hatter, and a totally kickass sparkly goddess making the stage her absolute bitch.

Days left of high school: 18

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