Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm a little drunk on words.

Tonight has been spent trying to retain as much Emerson and Thoreau and Hawthorne as possible in as little time as possible because tomorrow morning I have to take an exam for Lit. class. Four essays in three hours; I'll have no problem making it within the time, seeing as the last exam was three essays in 50 minutes. HA! I got an A. I'm still nervous, though, even though on top of the three hour time limit is the bonus fact that it's an online test. Which means I have three hours, a notebook full of notes, and the actual texts in front of me. Typing all this out has actually been a very cathartic de-stresser. Cool! I'm totally gonna give myself time to shower before sleeping tonight.

Then tomorrow, after the exam, I'm driving to pick up my lovely best friends Izzy and Gwen (from what I've surmised, my only blog readers. I know you guys just click the link a bunch of times to make it look like I'm getting more views ;)  so, I may not be blogging this weekend, and I don't even mind about "breaking the rules" of BEDA because, opposed to what the very title suggests...I'm Avril Lavigne. Fuck the rules. I mean, if I have my best friends next to me, why would I be on the internet?????*

I'll probably still blog, though. Just not about anything topical or anything, don't get your hopes high.

But now I'm gonna go continue to study and not spend too much time blogging more.

*I joke because internet friends

Days left of high school: 35

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  1. Well at least you're doing a semi-BEDA type thing. BEDA CAN BE SO LONELY. It's good when others are putting themselves through the same hell. And that seems dramatic…but you and I both know that it isn't. IT REALLY ISN'T