Monday, May 6, 2013

Goofy and 18

When talking about their pro/con lists for college, Lorelai tells Rory to add "theatre" to the Yale Pro List.

She says, "You'll get to see the next Meryl Streep all goofy and 18 and doing crap like, 'Name an occupation!' Plumber! 'Name a farm tool!' Tractor! Yeah...I'm a tractor...doing plumbing!"

While I'm not planning on being the next Meryl Streep, it's little things like this that make me feel excited to be goofy and young and on the brink of starting something new in my life.*

Mostly, I'm more enthused than ever to be done with high school.

I've never been very good at balance, physical or mental, but I'm determined to be happy and successful and maybe I'll just go get some shoes. New Balance. Hahhhhhhh.

*Where's Zefron?

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