Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Initially, there was not enough room on the door, ok? Ok.

Yes, they could have tried harder (say more than once) BUT can we drop that arguement now please? AND JUST BE FREAKING EXCITED BECAUSE IT'S TITAAAAAAAAAANIC! KHFSAKHFJDSKHH.

I am extremely excited to sit on my sleepy butt until 4 in the morning. Like, way more excited than I should be. I just love this movie. Seeing the trailer in theatres made me tear up a little, it's intense; I am definitely going to cry tonight. I am such a crier. Cry-er? Whatever. I cry too much. Also, young and cute-sexy Leonardo DiCaprio on the big screen? Yes please!

It's just gonna be so preeeeeeeeeeetty. Guuuuuuuuys. There are a lot of extra letters in this post. I don't care if I'm the only who's this excited, I'm pumped.

This movie is gonna be gorgeous and all up in my face and I can't wait.

Ok nap time


  1. Oh gosh. I found your blog and as soon as I saw: "TITAAAAAAAAAANIC," I knew I would love this. The advert makes me sad and happy. I love, love, love Leo DiCaprio. And now we can see him in: