Friday, April 6, 2012

BEDA 7: (Fictional) Kickass Female Rolemodels

I know for a fact that many bloggers have covered this subject every which way possible, but does the world really need another breakdown of my stupid life? No, no it does not. These are my favourite (fictional, although I refuse to accept that outloud) bad bitches that I look up to.

1. Hermione Granger
Does this even need explaining? No, but I will anyway. Hermione Granger is probably the all-time best female character of any story ever (and I'm totally not biased). She's extremely intelligent, dedicated, fierce, strong, loyal, and sweet. Without her, Harry and Ron could never have done everything they did. That whole bringing down the most evil dark lord of all time? Nope. Not without this bitch's brain and attitude. SHE IS SO BADASS UGH. This woman is literally everything I want to be in life. I don't know why it's so hard to find words to talk about her; I know for a fact I have dedicated paragraph after paragraph dedicated to her on Tumblr, maybe that's why. She is my favourite character in my favourite story of all time.*
2. Rory and Lorelai Gilmore
Where do I begin for the Gilmore girls? Putting aside the fact that I grew up watching this show with my own mother and our lives have paralleled it in an innumerable amount of freaky ways, I couldn't have gotten a better rolemodel to be with me from such a young age. Rory Gilmore is witty, determined, beyond intelligent, kind-hearted but won't take no crap from bitches and hos like (young)Paris. Her attitude towards life and school have been somewhat of a fall back for me during my middle school years, and even now. Rory and Hermione combined have always been in the back of my mind reminding me that I'll be so much better off in the long run if I just get this homework done and be happy about it. Then there's Lorelai, someone who is probably the baddest bitch to ever grace the CW with her prescence (sorry Gossip Girl fans other shows do they even have now?). With wit and brains combined with her looks and attitude, this woman can literally do anything. Honestly, I'm a little afraid that if I met Lorelai Gilmore she wouldn't like me. Obviously, sometimes both of these woman have made me want to slap them for acting so stupid...but that's a facet that makes them such fantastic, rounded, and realistic characters.

3. Jessica Darling
Yes, she's a moody bitch who often makes me want to pull my hair out, but she doesn't take any shit from anyone. Also, she writes like a freaking boss. I couldn't be happier with the woman she is at the end, in Perfect Fifths. No matter what is going on in my life, I am CONSTANTLY going back to Jessica's diaries (my own diary showed me last night that at this time last year I was re-reading Charmed Thirds, too. I do read other books, I promise). Our high school similarities are comforting, but her overall wittier take on everything is consistently inspiring to me and my writing.

4. Katniss Everdeen
Katniss is the definition of a badass warrior woman. She has to face the worst possible case scenario and not only manages to keep her dignity, she brings down a hugely corrupt government. How the heck is someone that strong and smart and level-headed?! She is fierce in every definition of the word and does what she needs to when it needs to be done. Put in her situation, I wouldn't last a day, let alone live for years through everything that she does and freaking be the freaking reason for a freaking revolution. This woman is a fantastic character to exist for girls--people--everywhere.

I know I have more, but I also have a lot of homework to do and not a lot of names coming to mind at the moment. I'll probably kick myself later for leaving someone out. Who are some of your fictional rolemodels? I'll just assume we're all huge nerds here, because we probably are. Right? Yeah.

*Well, you know, and the namesake character of course...I just...and Ron...can't...choose...kjdshgadhgdjjkh...The Golden Trio are my favourite characters of my favourite story ever.

What have I gotten done today: I am in the ZONE. I explicated TWO poems for my English class!


  1. Oh Bella Swan isn't in your list?! She's obviously the best rolemodel there is! :P


    (Sorry if it sounds like I'm shouting at you. I have a problem with expressing my excitement with caps.)

    Seriously, the day I started watching that show was the day my grades drastically started to improve. It was weird. I so wanted to be like Rory, because she was awesome in every way. I loved Lorelai. She was witty in that way that shows you she's brilliant, but she was never arrogant or show-offy or anything. Her wit was just unbelievable. She made references to some awesome part of pop culture in every sentence. Honestly, Gilmore Girls was my favorite TV show, and both Gilmores were such fantastic role models. They don't show the show on TV anymore here, so I'm really sad about that. :(

    Hahahaha I'm sorry about this essay, it's just rare finding someone who loves Gilmore Girls as much as I do. I love the rest of your choices too, and agree with each of them! :)

  3. I have to agree with Anna. Gilmore Girls is the best television show ever because they created such brilliant and unique main characters. All the time I'm watching I'm praying to be their friends!

    And ya know. Harry Potter forever and ever.

  4. Buffy! Elizabeth Bennet. Hermione of course. Katniss, a given. Kathleen Kelly from You've Got Mail (don't laugh I love her hahaha). Maria from the Sound of Music. Belle. Mulan!