Thursday, April 12, 2012

BEDA 12: A cutelet

I suckity suck suck at BEDA. At least, especially in the past few days. Sorry! I'll play catch up on everyone's awesome posts very soon. (Hopefully).

Today I am in the middle of practicing math problems for the ACT (because I suckity suck suck suck suuuuuuuck at math and not stressing out), trying to finish up late library books not out on my card, an annoying arguementish-type thing with stupid guy friendish-type things about feminism-type things on facebook, and the last few episodes of My Little Pony. Also falling asleep every other five minutes, daydreaming about One Direction.

This is all why today I am talking about the new OK GO music video.

My friend Abby woke me up from one of said 1D-day dreams to send me something even MORE adorable: PUPPIES!

Look at them! Those dog models are werk werk werk werk werkin' it. I kind of want everyone in the world to see the cuteness. Hey, FBI, do something useful with your time: Watch these doggy dance moves! Send them to the President! Can we all just stop fighting in the Mid-East? Because look, puppies! Doing tricks!

I'm currently mad at my dog for snarling at me when I tried to kiss her face, so, it's nice to have a (3D! IT'S 3D! I CAN'T WATCH IT IN 3D. BUT IT'S FREAKING IN 3D! PUPPIES! COME OUT OF THE YOUTUBES! IT'S LIKE A DREAM!) cute outlet. A cutelet.

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  1. YES! Puppies can solve major world problems.

    I suck at Maths too. It's so hard.