Monday, April 2, 2012

BEDA 2: Yeah...This year's gonna be fun.

Last night, my exhausted, delusional brain convinced itself that it was March 31st despite the fact that I had already pulled an April Fool's Joke on my mother. Thanks a lot, me, that was extremely stupid. What a great way to start BEDA! Let's dive right in.

Hi! I've missed blogging. I've started several posts over the past three months, but in normal Cece-like fashion, never finished any of them. Here I am, though! Fully prepared to blog every single day this month (except yesterday)! So, buckle up.

Whyyyyyyy was I so exhausted and delusional Sunday night? I had way too much fun this weekend at OSU (they um...lost something right? I have no idea, as you can tell by the "fun" part, I am not involved at all with sports). Hanging out with my best friend, being a stupid teenager, building blanket forts in her fancy, all grown-up adult apartment. It was a pretty great way to end a fantastic spring break, in all aspects except, you know, the there's-still-school one. I went to my English class this morning handing in the worst revision of the worst paper I've ever written. So...there's that embarrassment. I've been heaping the embarrassment on myself lately. Woo!

The start of my spring break was excellent, as well. Even better maybe, if only because I didn't have high school looming on the horizon. I seriously love my friends, they're the best people ever.

What am I supposed to talk about now? What do people usually talk about? How do I blog? I'm losing it. Or I've lost it. HOW DO I FIND IT?!

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  1. Dude. There's nothing like BEDA to remind you HOW HARD BLOGGING IS

    P.S. I'm glad you are back. Makes me smile.