Saturday, June 1, 2013


Last weekend I had prom was pretty amazing and not at all overrated in anyway. I legitimately loved it and it really did go by in a blur. It's weird. I am prone to buying into hype and getting overly excited about things I normally wouldn't because I'm surrounded by people who're getting excited...But seriously. Prom was off the hook.

For dinner they had steak and a ton of vegetables and adorable balls of butter for delicious rolls, so, yeah, good food. The music was of the typical school dance variety, but I did get someone to teach me how "stanky leg" so it was a total and complete success. I wasn't completely clear on the fact that 86% of prom is spent holding your dress up so your boobs don't fall out, but that was the most popular dance move of the night. Nothing gets a group of mid-western teenagers together like Ke$ha, though, who is MY GIRL, so that made for some great (sweaty) dance floor jamming. I'm not really that hard to sway, though; I'll basically eat anything that won't kill me and I will dance to everything.

All in all, I look like a princess and I love it.

After-Prom was at a place basically called Stuff and Things and it was awesome? There were bumper cars, and laser tag, and a rock wall, and air-hockey, and rollerblading, and go kart-ing. And, even though it was 30 degrees, I went go kart-ing and kicked ass. Then: I won a mini fridge. And free dinner and a movie gift cards. And a bunch of body wash stuff.

I made Prom Night my bitch.

Then, after sleeping for six hours, we went to a camping ground? At least, I thought we were going to a camp ground, but in all actuality we weren't camping at all, but rather...cottage-ing? It was an adorable cottage, I'm not complaining at all. It was surrounded by other little cottages and it was right on the lake and it was kind of fancy as fuck. I didn't swim in the lake (I swam in the indoor pool????? not a campground) but I did watch my friends fish, so that counts for something. I spent ten dollars on protecting myself from skin cancer before paddle-boating with a swan. The only problem was I kept hearing Jess Mariano's voice in my head about being beaked. I didn't get sun burnt and I didn't get beaked, the worst thing to happen was I fell off a log, therefore bruising the entire back of my leg and, worst of all, dropping the best s'more I've ever made all over myself instead of in my mouth.

Other than that, overall fantastic weekend.

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