Thursday, August 16, 2012

That'll do, pig.

This year has been by far the craziest, most insane, all-over-the-fricking-place year of my life, for some reasons I can actually talk about on the internet!

I finished up my Junior year of high school, considered to be the most important/hardest of all academic years, feeling lackluster about how hard I actually tried. Especially now, looking back a week before my senior year starts, I'm kicking myself for not focusing and working harder. As it is with me in all areas of my life, it seems. It's always been difficult for me to put things above having fun, so my social life kind of took the reigns in a lot of situations it really shouldn't have through the last school year and now i'm stuck wondering if it's too late. Will colleges look past any extra-hard work I do this year to the year previous in which I didn't work as hard? I did take college classes along side of high school classes, but is that enough in itself? Will my determined effort and excitement fade after the first few days of school as it does every year?

Only taking three classes in hell will definitely help my attitude towards...everything, most likely. That should definitely help OVERALL.

Now instead of worrying about back-to-school shopping---which I think everyone can agree is just something you don't NEED to do after elementary school, but everyone keeps doing anyway because who doesn't love brand new office supplies? I freaking LOVE office supplies. When a hot guy told me he worked at Staples, he got hotter. So I'm as serious as Jonah Botwin's heart attack when I say I'm restraining myself this year---I have to worry about getting my senior pictures scheduled after I get through my best friend's wedding*. Getting my class schedule straightened out, getting financial aid applications figured out, getting school applications figured out, getting a freaking JOB figured out, trying not to hyperventilate right now, and hair. I have to figure out my hair. And how to breathe.

Let's take the intensity level down a few notches, yeah? Light-hearted news! I went to New York City for the first time! It was a school band/music department trip so I got to be with all my friends and it was generally a really good time. It was a great experience that I'm thankful for, but it pales in comparison to the trip I just got home from: LeakyCon. Perhaps travels are like children and you shouldn't pick a favourite, but holy cow LeakyCon was awesome. I know I shouldn't be too hard on one trip when the other is so obviously superior, I did a lot of things in NYC I couldn't have been able to do or afford without my school (such as going in general and touring 30 ROCK AND NBC STUDIOS!!!!)...but come on. LEAKYCON. I won't gush because that's basically all I do, but I'll just say it was an incredibly beautiful place to be with friends. And it turns out six girls in one room isn't so hard when those six girls kick ass. The two bathrooms helped a lot, too.

Chicago and New York City in one summer? That'll do, pig. That'll do.

On TOP of all that, I'll bring it back to the * and talk about my best friend's wedding**. One of my best friends, that I've known for as long as I can remember, is getting married on Saturday! That is THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Shiiiiiiiiit, that's exciting. As the maid of honor, I'll be with Tara from 9:30 tomorrow morning until 11:00 Saturday night when she and her new husband (!!!!) ride off together as newlyweds. The next two days are sure to be full of gushy, romantic moments that are too cute to handle, dance parties, crying (hopefully all happy tears---my maid of honor speech is perfect, if I do say so myself), lots of running around; And I am freaking pumped. It's not MY wedding, so instead of having to deal with the stressful stuff I just get to enjoy all the fun! My main job is keeping Tara unstressed, so bring it, next forty-eight hours. Let's do this.

**Don't worry, she's 20. Not some 17-year-old getting married.

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