Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ke$ha love

Can everyone please stop hatin' on Kesha? She gets so much shit, and for what? I've compiled a list on why everyone should love or, at the very least, respect the glittery goddess that is Ke$ha:
If I could pull of this look, you bet your sweet ass I would.

  •  She's extremely talented. Genuinely. If anyone took the time to listen to her new CD, they'd know that. Her voice is beautiful, like her face.
  •  Her face. Gorgeous. Covered in glitter, or not. She reminds me of Kristen Stewart; They do whatever the heck they want without giving a second thought to the paparazzi. 
  •  Attitude. Can you see the fucks Kesha gives? 'Cause I can't. 
I don't know if she actually said this, but it sounds like something she would. So, let's go with it.
  • Her music is FUN! It's fun to listen to, to dance to, to sing along to. Why do so many people think that because she chooses to make songs that are specifically for clubs and dancing, she's untalented? She likes to mess around with rapping and auto-tuning, who cares? It sounds cool. How does that make it any less like "real music"? "Oh, this is fun to listen to? Definitely DESTROYING THE MUSIC INDUSTRY RAH!!!!!!" Calm down, tiger. 
Sparkly five-year-old
  • She dropped out of high school to pursue her music career but still got her GED. She did both, which is kickass.
  • She writes her own songs!
  • "I am a badass warrior woman" was basically my mantra of 2012. Kesha completely emanates that warrior attitude and I'm all about that empowerment.

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