Saturday, April 4, 2009

BEDA Day Four (Cross-posting from MJ's ning)

Today, I planned to wake up early, I even set two alarms to make absolute sure that I got up. I did infact succeed in getting up early, except it was not by either of the alarms I set. Around 8:15, my dog jumped up on me and walked around, forcing me to get up and let out her and my other, bigger dog, who I'm sure would have also jumped up on me if she could have. After letting them out, I made waffles and tea, then sat to write my blog posts. It was then that I remembered the epic thing my friends and I did last year, and I thought it'd make a nice story for BEDA day 4.

Picture this; Six teenagers walking down the streets of a small town, relatively bored(only relatively, seeing as we usually kept each other pretty well entertained, no matter what we happened to be doing), having already everything was to do. Or so they thought. Those six kids would be me and five of my friends, we were really close last summer, spending almost the season in it's entirity as a group. We wandered past a friend of mine's house, and there, on the front lawn: was a couch.

The couch was greenish in color, and strongly smelled of smoke and beer, but it suddenly became the main focus of our attention. I called my friend out, and she gave us the okay to just take it away if we could. We became determined. Starting by taking off the cushions, carrying them with us to a nearby friend's house to take refuge on the porch while it rained. As the rain let up, then finally stopped, we went right back to the couch, that was now wet, piling the cushions, still dry thanks to our taking to with us, back on, along with all our bags/purses and such. We decided on who should hold it wear, then; lifted, and began carrying it down the street.

The street dead-ended, so at the yellow guard rail we set it down, taking a rest as we all pilied on top of each other and our things. Comparing ourselves and our fun situation to That 70's Show. I hadn't seen many episodes back then, so, when I got labled as Jackie, I took no offense. =P After a few minutes of laughing at each other, and having others laugh at us, we got up and took off again, towards my friend Jeff's house, where I believe we all spent 3/4 of our summer. We all managed to carry it to the semi-main street, and took another rest on the side walk. As cars drove past laughing at us, we all just smiled, waved, and laughed in return, I believe we all loved the attention. Plus, we were all excited at the prospect of having our own couch to set up where we please and chill upon.

I think it was then, on the sidewalk, anxiously waiting for the cars to disappear, giving us time to get to the other side, that someone got hurt. Me. We lifted the couch, to make our way across the road, when someone decided to drop the couch down on my foot. Ow. However, we laughed about it, my level pain tolerance, caused it to not hurt so horribly. I was fine, and we took off again, laughing at the stares people were shooting us from their houses.One more street to go, when two other friends joined us, meaning to help us carry the medium sized couch, but really just bringing more distracting entertainment.

I don't even remember clearly how we manuvered this couch onto my friend's porch, and got it into place, all I remember is being sprawled out on it, tired and laughing. We were all on some-sort of natural high for the rest of the day and night, just hanging out on our new addition to our usual hang-out spot. His parents were kind of mad about it, but they're really calm people, so they just made sure we knew it'd have to go out on garbage day. Trying to not think about getting rid of this disgusting couch we'd grown fond of, we just enjoyed the moment. Amusing each other, making new friends with more friends of friends, eating junk food, and staying out late, it was a really great day.

However, a few days later, seeing as Jeff lived in a apartment/ish place, the inspectors who would come and check to see if you had pets you were lying about having and such, found our couch. Stating it dangerous if there were to be a fire. I suppose it could've been construed as a a fire hazard, as it was placed up against the back door, but it was also under a window. A window. If there was a fire, we reasoned, you could just as easily climb out the window onto the safe couch, as you would exit through the door. They didn't care.
So, there it went. Out onto a different lawn, awaiting the arrival of a different garbage truck to haul it away.

That was just the beginning of our summer '08 adventures.However, we've come to break apart,recently. For different reasons, mine being that apparently I was secretly hated by some of them and I semi-moved away. Though, the few that secretly hated me, I had openly disliked, which is probably why they came to hate me. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted :]

Just mark that off the list of things to do before I turn 18:

1. Take a couch.
Done. :)

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